About Us

a source for royalty-free music especially designed for use with Government Access and Public Access cable channels. Our music is indeed royalty-free and covers a variety of styles appropriate for your channel.

So why buy from GovAccessMusic.com?

Our tracks are professionally produced, creative, have lots of “ear candy”, & are produced by professional musicians. The GAM difference? Our tracks are full length pieces. We produce music for listening, not for commercials!

You save time!

No more digging through a website looking for longer pieces for your background music, nor will you have to sort through 100 short versions like you see on most background music sites!

Make your work easier……

by using tracks from govaccessmusic.com. Don’t spend so much time wading through 30 and 60 second versions of a track. ALL we offer are full length tracks – most are over 3 minutes long!

Save some Money……

by buying an album at a time – up to 40%! There’s even a handy “Add all tracks to cart” button that makes it easy!

Watch this space…..

for further news – or check out the govaccessmusic.com blog, where we’ll be posting further developments….or subscribe to the podcast…….or even CONTACT US for more info!