Month: November 2018

How to Start a Streaming Site – watch movies online

With the invention of the internet, the statistic of people hooking up to online movie streaming multiplies with each passing year. Studies show that by 2020, online film viewers will grow to 2.51 billion viewers. Because of this, many sites arise on the internet that offers online movie and television series streaming and downloads, some for free and others with payment. This attracts people to start their own business in line with the movie streaming industry. host online streaming of tons of movies and TV series. Their film’s selection is so diverse that they offer movies from more than 60 different countries. They also have the latest TV shows and films making them very popular in the online movie streaming industry. If you are ever wondering if you can have your own streaming site, the answer is yes!

Here is how.

  1. Make your own website. This might look a difficult and complex thing to do but let me tell you that there are actually web pages that you can search on the internet which helps you start your own site. Here are some steps you need to take in order to have your own site.
  • Register your domain name.
  • Send application to web hosting companies.
  • Think what purpose you want your site to serve.
  • Build your website.
  1. Design your site. The presentation of your site is a factor in attracting viewers. You need to design your site in such a way that it is easy to navigate and understand by your site visitors when they decide to watch movies online. You should also plan the color, letter fonts, and size to create a presentable site.
  2. Upload movies. This is the most crucial part of starting a streaming site. Some site owners embedded movie links on their site to avoid copyright infringement. You may also opt to partner with movie producers to have their movies on your site.
  3. Promote your site!